WelCome to NeuroPred-FRL

NeuroPred-FRL, Predictor for neuropeptide prediction. This server is freely available to any user, but without any warranty.

About neuropeptides

Neuropeptides are small proteins produced by neurons that act on G protein-coupled receptors and are responsible for slow-onset, long-lasting modulation of synaptic transmission. Neuropeptides often coexist with each other or with other neurotransmitters in a single neuron. According to their chemical nature, coexisting messengers are localized to different cell compartments: neuropeptides are packaged in large dense core vesicles,whereas low-molecular weight neurotransmitters are stored in small synaptic vesicles.

Recently, numerous inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders by therapeutic peptides has received substantial consideration; however, the prediction of neuropeptides via experimental system is often time consuming and expensive task. The development of novel in silico predictors is desired to classify potential neuropeptides prior to in vitro investigation. Herein, a novel predictor, called NeuroPred-FRL was developed.

N.B. If you have found any problem please contact with us. Your feedback is important to improve the NeuroPred-FRL predictor.