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DNA N6-Methyladenine Site predictor, is an integrative web resource for 6mA prediction in plant.

Introduction of DNA N6-Methyladenine

N6-methyladenine DNA modifications (6mA) refers to the DNA adenosine based with a methyl group at the nitrogen-6 position, which differed from the 5-Methylcytosine (5mC) that methylated on the carbon− 5 position of Cytosine and extensively studied in eukaryotes. DNA 6mA modifications were initially discovered and commonly characterized in prokaryotes, involving gene expression, DNA replication and repair, and host-pathogen interactions [1, 2]. Recently, the existence of 6mA DNA methylation has also been detected and confirmed in eukaryotes, such as fungi, plants, animals and even mammalian

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The web-server was developed to identify DNA N6-methyladenine (6mA) sites for the plant genome. The results of cross-validation and independent datasets indicates that the current predictor may become a useful high-throughput tool in identifying 6mA sites.

(1) For each submission, the input DNA sequences should be longer than 41 characters and in FASTA format; i.e., each DNA sequence should start with a greater-than symbol (" > ") in the first column. The words right after the " > " symbol in the single initial line are optional and only used for the purpose of identification and description.
(2) If a query sequence contains any illegal characters, the prediction will be stopped with a warning message. Close

N.B. If you have found any problem please contact with us. Your feedback is important to improve the Meta-i6mA predictor.